About Us

American Natural Gas, LLC (ANG), a subsidiary of ANG Holding, Inc., is a premier retailer of compressed natural gas (CNG) who designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains natural gas fueling stations for transportation.

Our Mission

The mission of ANG is to help America by making natural gas readily available for commercial and public use in vehicles. ANG’s team is comprised of industry, legal, construction, engineering and entrepreneurial experts who work directly with the leading natural gas companies to seek out opportunities for building successful natural gas fueling stations. Vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators are pursuing natural gas vehicles in the US markets to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts while providing a cost-effective alternative to foreign crude oil.

Our Industry

The American transportation sector is rapidly converting from foreign-dependent diesel fuel to clean burning, American natural gas, which dramatically reduces emissions and significantly reduces fuel costs. ANG is a leader in providing cost effective and scalable solutions for natural gas fuel in North America. Given the cost effectiveness of natural gas, its environmental friendliness and its abundance as an American natural resource, natural gas is the best candidate for alternatives to gasoline and diesel for the motor vehicle market. With over 30 years of combined experience, ANG will provide the best solution to accommodate your CNG fueling needs, accompanied by service that is second to none.

We welcome the opportunity to help your business learn about the benefits of using natural gas and encourage you to CONTACT US for more information. Join the revolution today by fueling your transportation needs with CNG from ANG!