Savings Calculator

Wondering about the economics behind converting your fleet to natural gas? We’ve created a conversion calculator to help you set baseline numbers specific to your business.

Use the calculator below to get a snapshot of what your fuel savings could be. Remember, these calculations are an estimate and you can get a more precise understanding by contacting ANG directly at 1-866-264-6220.

*Typical conversion costs range from $30,000-65,000 on average and vary based on individual customers. 

**Mpg for natural gas vehicles is approximately 5-10% less than mpg for diesel fuel.

Number of Vehicles:
Average Miles per Year:
Average Miles per Gallon:
Fuel Cost:
Per gallon
CNG Cost:
Per gallon equivalent
Conversion Cost:
Per vehicle
Fuel Annual Cost
CNG Annual Cost
Annual Fuel Savings:
7 Year:
Life Cycle*: *approx. 12 years