American Natural Gas (ANG) Acquires Krug Energy Compressed Natural Gas Station

August 8, 2016

American Natural Gas (ANG), a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels, announced today that it has acquired Krug Energy’s public compressed natural gas station in Searcy, Arkansas (3542 AR-367). With the acquisition of this station, ANG also signed a long-term fueling agreement with Triple Transport Inc., an established Arkansas-based hauling and transportation company.

The station features redundant high-performance compressors, over 600 PSI of inlet pressure, ample buffer storage, and three dispensers suited to fuel both personal vehicles and heavy-duty, commercial tractors. Service at the station will remain uninterrupted as ownership and operations responsibilities shift to ANG.

“With approximately 800,000 gallons fueled in 2015, this station is one of the top performing sites in the country,” said Drew West, Chief Executive Officer of ANG. “These figures, combined with the hard work put into building and maintaining the station make it a proud addition to the ANG network.”

Mr. West continued, “The Natural State continues to be an impressive community of alternative fuel-focused businesses and fleet leaders. We look forward to welcoming new and existing users of this station while continuing a relationship with Triple Transport and the Krug family.”

In May, ANG acquired two CNG fueling stations from an affiliate of Southwestern Energy Company in Conway and Damascus, Arkansas. The Searcy station is ANG’s third station in the state.

“Krug Energy welcomes ANG to Searcy and is looking forward to their expertise in bringing this CNG station to its full potential,” said Rush Krug, President of Krug Energy and Triple Transport. “This deal is a win-win for both parties and gives us the opportunity to focus on our core business. CNG remains a smart business and environmental decision and we intend to fuel our vehicles with it for years to come.”

According to calculations by the US Environmental Protection Agency, switching vehicles from gasoline to CNG can reduce carbon monoxide emission by 90-97 percent, carbon dioxide emission by 25 percent, nitrogen oxide emissions by 35-60 percent, and lessen toxic and carcinogenic pollutants. Overall costs to operate heavy-duty trucks on CNG are significantly less than running the same trucks on gasoline or diesel fuel.

Those looking to learn more about ANG are encouraged to visit its website,, or call 866-264-6220 with questions.


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